The Swimathon Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund 2.0 Criteria

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Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply for a grant, your organisation must fall under one of the following categories:

1. A registered or affiliated swimming club, aquatics club or swim school 

Specifically targeting affiliated swimming clubs, aquatic clubs or swim schools who are experiencing short-term financial hardship due to the impact of coronavirus.

To be eligible to apply for a grant, you should be an affiliated club (Swim England, Swim Wales, Scottish Swimming, Swim Ulster) or swim school (Swim England, Swim Wales or Swim Ulster) with your National Governing Body in the UK and meet the below criteria:

  • Swimming or aquatics clubs that are eligible to apply should have a membership of 200 or less
  • A swim school with less than 500 swimmers signed up to programmes 

2. An Independent swimming or aquatics organisation falling outside of National Governing Body governance

There are a number of small swimming organisations that will not necessarily be picked up by the National Governing Bodies in the UK. These could fall outside the set criteria of a traditional swimming or aquatics club/swim school or could just simply be working on a far more local level. As with swimming or aquatics club/swim schools, organisations should remain under 200 members in size. 

Key application questions

Within an application an organisation will need to demonstrate their financial need and impact as a result of Coronavirus/COVID-19. Four key questions will be asked:

  1. The expected financial impact between 01 November 2020 - 31 March 2021
  2. The minimum expenditure you will have to meet while sessions are not happening
  3. The consequences of not receiving this funding support and how this impacts your organisation’s ability to deliver swimming activities.
  4. Following the coronavirus outbreak, please outline what other funding your organisation has applied for and whether you have been successful with any grants (including the Swimathon Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund in May 2020).

Priority will be given to organisations who are not eligible for and have not received funding from any government funded organisation or the first iterations of the Swimathon Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund covering swimming or aquatics.

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