The Victoria Centre, Wellingborough


Splash and Learn

Aim of the Project

Victoria Centre is a multicultural community centre that runs a Playscheme in the school holidays for children aged 4-11 years. We aim to give the children a wide range of experiences and learning opportunities as many children spend a considerable amount of their school holidays with us, and so often miss out on family and extracurricular activities. The aim of this project will be for children to take part in a ‘Crash Course’ of swimming lessons, ½ hour per day, for one week Mon-Fri. This will be part of a ‘Water Safety Week’ as part of the Playscheme.

Project success

During the summer Play Scheme at Victoria Centre, the children were delighted to have the opportunity to take part in swimming lessons funded by the Swimathon Foundation at the Waendel Centre in Wellingborough. For three weeks, our children learnt new skills, and gained confidence in the pool. Overall the project helped 33 children under 11 years old. Some of our children had never had a swimming lesson before and were a little contentious of getting into the pool. With the help of Waendel and their fantastic swimming coaches, children who had weak strengths in the pool quickly over-came their fears and felt empowered for the next lesson. Some of our children have continued to attend swimming sessions with their parents to accelerate skills and abilities in the pool. Victoria Centre was very delighted to be given the opportunity to run the swimming lesson programme and hope to run this program again in future Play Schemes.