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Aim of the project

This project was about enabling carers and their cared-for to access swimming. Carers become marginalised in our community because of the time and energy they dedicate to their caring role. By the end of the summer, over 100 members of Harrow Carers will have enjoyed improved fitness, relaxation and social togetherness that regular swimming achieves, with an expected 10 carers to start a Carers Swim Club. With three sessions throughout the week putting on tutor-led classes, the sessions will attract first time swimmers because of a unique respite provision programme and the incentive of our personalised carer swim-caps.

Project success

Following the grant of £2000, 95 carers attended different classes organised to suit their needs. The project has continued to reap rewards with 10 full-time memberships purchased and the launch of a Carers Swim Club which have a dip every Tuesday. Impact was achieved in reaching those carers who found it difficult to leave the dependent alone at the house, as well as making swimming a fun and relaxing option for physical activity.

Below is a thank you card from one of the attendees.