Wild Swimming Brothers - What to eat before an event

Knowing what to eat on the day of the event is absolutely crucial. No matter how much training you’ve done, if you haven’t eaten enough, or if you’ve eaten too much of the wrong type of food, it can ruin your swim. Trust us, this is definitely something we’ve got wrong a few times!

You might think that energy gels and similar specifically designed performance products are a good idea, but actually, they don’t sit in your stomach that well. 

The night before the swim, you want to eat a lot of heavy carbohydrates, late afternoon is the ideal time. A massive bowl of pasta, get carb-loading and then in the morning I always have porridge, raisins, bananas and then peanut butter on brown bread.

I always eat quite early – usually three hours before the start of a swim, so if you start at 9am, try and eat around 6am as this allows enough time to digest what you’ve eaten, and make the most of the calories you’ve consumed.

It’s also a good idea to have an idea of what you’re going to eat once you’ve finished, so while you’re swimming, you can think about swimming towards that bacon sandwich, or whatever it may be. It may help to give you that extra boost you need.