Wild Swimming Brothers - How do you take your training from the pool to open water?

The biggest thing when you’re just getting used to open water is to not rush and not go too far out of your depth quickly. Wherever you’re swimming, in a lake, in a river or in the sea you can always swim close to the shore rather than going out in a straight line. Middle Brother Calum and Younger Brother Jack, ambassadors for this year’s Open Water Swimathon have recorded a video for tips ahead of the big day. 


If you hug the shoreline that can help with any anxieties and build your confidence, which in turn, will make you enjoy swimming more, both training and the event itself.


You also get a great sense of achievement by gradually increasing how far you go out each time you swim. By doing this, you’re staying in your comfort zone, not pushing yourself too much and avoiding any deep-water fear.


Take a minute to take in your surroundings because swimming in a pool is very different to open water for various reasons; the temperature, the depth, the smell, visibility, currents, tides, salt water, the list goes on. As a result, it’s worth bearing in mind that swimming 1km a pool is easier than 1km in open water.


Take your time entering the water to assess the conditions as these can change quickly depending on the weather or time of day. Ultimately, open water swimming is more immersive and as a result a more enjoyable experience.