Teresa's MySwimathon story

TeresastoryTeresa is taking on the MySwimathon challenge at her local pool this spring… read about how she went from fearing the water to pushing herself further than she could’ve imagined! 

Why did you sign up to Swimathon?

I signed up to Swimathon to give myself a swimming challenge after beginning to overcome a lifelong fear of water and successfully learning to swim at the age of 37. I was so nervous when I first start learning that I never thought anything like the Swimathon would be within my reach! With self-determination, perseverance and a great, supportive teacher I have achieved more than I had ever imagined I would.

What distance will you be taking on during the MySwimathon period? 

I have set myself an Individual MySwimathon goal of 400m and might even increase this distance closer to the event seeing as my training is going so well.

Why did you choose the MySwimathon option?

The MySwimathon option will allow me to complete the event in the pool I swim in regularly and feel comfortable in. I am looking forward to swimming alongside some other people completing the MySwimathon challenge who have also recently learnt to swim or have worked on improving their swimming techniques. My teacher will also be there on the day to encourage and support us.

Why are you fundraising for our two charities?

I am pleased to be fundraising for Swimathon's two cancer charities. My uncle and a close family friend have both departed from us due to having cancer, so I realise how important it is to raise money for these great charities and support all the amazing work they do. 

Read more about Teresa’s challenge on her JustGiving page here.

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