Swimming is coming back!

Following the news that pools will soon be reopening across England, we wanted to let you know our updated approach for Swimathon 2020. As we hope to see these measures now extended to other parts of the UK, as is appropriate. 

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Swimathon 2020 was originally postponed to October 2020. Given that there will be new social distancing procedures in place within swimming venues (and a staggered approach to venue openings), we can today confirm that the postponed Swimathon event will be coming to you as a brand-new virtual event!

If you’re already signed up for an organised Swimathon session, your current entry will be automatically switched to a MySwimathon entry. There will be no organised Swimathon sessions delivered this year. This will now give you the utmost flexibility to complete your challenge. Everyone will have until Saturday 31 October to complete your chosen distance and raise valuable funds for our charity partners, Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK – needed now, more than ever. 

For those who were already signed up for MySwimathon, nothing changes - this just means even greater flexibility for you. 

With MySwimathon 2020 you can now complete your challenge in one go, or over multiple swimming sessions. You can choose to do so in a pool or in an open water venue (or a mix of both!). You do not need to let us know which venue you will be swimming at or re-register for the event. Once a suitable venue is open for you, you must book a swimming slot through your chosen venue’s booking system. You will not be able to turn up to any venue to swim without having made a booking (this includes for your MySwimathon challenge). Please ensure that you adhere to all the rules, regulations and guidelines as set out by your chosen pool or venue. You will have to pay your venue’s normal entry fee every time you swim - the Swimathon registration fee that you originally paid does not cover your venue entry fee. As a swimming community, let’s rally together to support our amazing UK swimming facilities! It’s your swim, your way.

Please note: if you're part of a team challenge, you can definitely still take part in Swimathon 2020! Once you and your team have all swum your portion of the challenge (this may need to be separately and on different days due to social distancing and venue availability), simply combine your times and submit your overall team time.

Thank you so much for all of the amazing fundraising efforts that you have already gone to for Swimathon 2020, your JustGiving fundraising pages will remain open and ready for you to use as you get set to complete your challenge. Remember, Marie Curie and Cancer Research UK need our help, so let’s all show our support, together. They can't wait for your support over the coming months!

How will I get my medal and swim cap?

As you all know, the postponement of our event back in March came tantalisingly close to our planned Swimathon event weekend. Therefore, a significant number of our medals and caps were sent out to over 600 venues nationwide. The campaign is owned by the Swimathon Foundation, a charitable organisation, and therefore the financial implications to either retrieve or produce new swimming caps and medals is simply beyond us. We consequently need support from you, the brilliant community of swimmers that have grown with us over our 34-year history.

Our goal is for anyone who signed up to a Swimathon challenge at an organised Swimathon session, to collect your medal from the venue you initially registered to take part at for the original Swimathon event weekend. With pools opening at different times over the coming weeks, or some sadly not opening at all, we will be working with our partner venues to confirm whether they are able to host a Swimathon collection point at their centres. Please be patient with us and our partner UK swimming facilities. We will then communicate with you in the first week of September as to how you will receive/collect your cap and medal. So for now, we can confirm everyone will get a medal and cap for taking part in Swimathon 2020, but we will need to confirm the exact process in due course.

Please bear with us as we finalise some important details and continue communicating with pools and key stakeholders - we really appreciate your patience and can't wait to see you back in the water!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact our team via email at info@swimathon.org.