It's National Fitness Day!

Wednesday 23 September 2020 marks National Fitness Day, a day to celebrate the role that physical activity plays across the UK. It is a day when people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities come together to celebrate the fun of fitness. 

Now that leisure facilities are reopening their doors across the nation, what better way to celebrate National Fitness Day than with a few lengths of your local pool?

Swimming is proven to have a hugely positive impact on physical health and goes a great way to boosting life expectancy. In a Swim England study of 80,000 swimmers, swimmers were shown to have a 28% lower risk of early death and 41% lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

Not only does it benefit physical health, though. Swim England stats have also shown that over 490,000 people no longer take or have reduced their medication for mental health issues as a result of swimming.

In 2020, the team behind National Fitness Day want to demonstrate the inclusive power physical activity can have by celebrating how ‘Fitness Unites Us’. Coming together to be active is a great way to overcome the myriad of challenges we face across society.

So this year, more than ever, is a prime opportunity to get to the water. Not just for the fantastic physical and mental benefits it will bring you, but also to support our community of swim venues across the UK that have been affected by enforced closures. The all-new virtual Swimathon 2020 is the perfect rewarding challenge you can work towards, and will also help support two fantastic charities who need crucial support this year.

Swimathon 19 lowres 9236 1Olympic gold medallist Duncan Goodhew says: “We all need to pull together and help send a message to our government that funding is needed for local authorities to protect swimming pools and leisure facilities. We can swim in the pools that do open and encourage everybody else to swim. This will send a clear message that our sport is loved, needed and wanted. By taking part in Swimathon, you will have more reason to go down to your pool more regularly to train and complete your challenge, you will be talking to friends about swimming and highlighting the benefits of the sport.” 

As events go, it really is yours to shape. You can take part in one of the set distances, ranging from 400m to 5k, or you can create your own distance and smash that instead. It really can be any distance you like – currently, the distances chosen, range from 50m all the way up to 160k! You also don’t need to complete your chosen distance in one swim, you can split this up across as many sessions as you like.

Better yet, you can take on your Swimathon challenge at any venue of your choice, any time from now all the way up until Saturday 31 October. This really is a #SwimForAll.

Haven't secured your Swimathon spot yet? You can sign up here! If you have, we hope you continue to smash your challenge and why not tell someone new about your challenge today to spread the word of National Fitness Day?