Meet our Open Water Swimathon Ambassadors

Meet our first ever Open Water Swimathon Ambassadors and find out why they wanted to get involved in this year’s event! We’ll be following their swimming and fundraising journey right up until event day and beyond.

Sue Wilson

I’m Sue from New Malden, Surrey. I’ve always loved the water and splashing around, but I didn’t really swim very much until January 2018, when I started training for my first indoor Swimathon (a team effort – 50 lengths for each of us) and in March of this year I completed a solo 5k Swimathon swim - the furthest I’ve ever swum in my life. It was about this time that I became more aware of open water swimming, and I bought my first wetsuit so I could 'dip my toe in the water'! I now swim regularly in the Thames. It’s great to participate in an event like this and push myself a bit more. I’ve signed up for the 2.5k – just to see how I get on. I’d encourage any swimmer to have a go, the experience of swimming in cold water is astounding. 

Tom Chapman

I live a stone’s throw from the beach in the sunny seaside town of Porthcawl, South Wales. Almost every day I’m in the water somewhere; the sea, river, the pond or the pool!

I love the open water and have done some big swims over the last few years, working towards an English Channel solo in the summer of 2019!

I had a fantastic time in the pool with Swimathon this year and am really looking forward to taking it outdoors with Open Water Swimathon! It’s a fantastic opportunity to combine swimming with raising some money for two great charities… it’s just too good to miss!  

Wanda Stockdale

My name’s Wanda and I am from Gateshead. I learnt to swim in 2015 and have taken part in the pool Swimathon for the past 4 years, completing the Triple 5k challenge this year. 

I have wanted to give open water swimming a go for the past three years, but other than on holidays, I have never had the confidence to do so. The water’s colder, it’s a less controlled environment and I have no idea what’s down there, in the water!

Becoming an Open Water Swimathon Ambassador has given me the push I need, to take that jump.

Becca Ridley

I'm Becca and I'll be taking on this year's Open Water Swimathon at Windermere Outdoor Adventure Centre. Open water swimming has been my lifeline in recent times. Osteoarthritis and knee surgery has meant swimming is the only way I can comfortably move, and getting to swim in open water has helped me so much both physically and mentally.

I was taught to swim as a child, didn’t touch it for 20 years and now can’t imagine my life without the joys, challenges, memories, achievements and experiences that open water swimming gives me. 

I wish more people could experience it. It’s magic.

We’ll be following their swimming and fundraising journey right up until event day and beyond. Feeling inspired to join them in taking the jump? Sign up to Open Water Swimathon today!