Charlotte's story of how Marie Curie supported her sister-in-law

Charlotte’s sister-in-law Maria died in November 2012 having been cared for by Marie Curie. A keen swimmer, Charlotte was inspired to try open-water swimming, including an Ice Swimming Challenge to raise money in Maria’s memory. This is Charlotte’s story.

“It was during the summer I saw some people swimming in a loch. I thought, 'Gosh, well I love swimming but I get a bit bored in the pool so I thought I'd give it a go’, and I've been hooked ever since. 

“I've always had a love for being in the water. The oneness with nature and exploring new places. You become the landscape, in the loch surrounded by the mountains, which is just so awe inspiring. 

“Supporting Marie Curie is so important to me.  Maria fell ill around Christmas 2011, she was diagnosed with vaginal cancer and it was just so sad as she had four young kids. Marie Curie looked after Maria when she was terminally ill and they enabled her to be at home with her children and enjoy making those last memories together.”

“To anyone thinking of doing Open Water Swimathon, I would say none of us know when we might need Marie Curie. To be able to go out and do these challenges for those people who haven't got that opportunity anymore, for me it's honouring them, but also it's the buzz you get afterwards, the satisfaction that you've done a really big challenge and raised vital funds at the same time.