Back in the Water

Under the bright blue skies of a wonderful Monday morning, the Swimathon Foundation Chair Anthony Kendall OBE was delighted to dip his toe back in the water, as restrictions lifted on outdoor sports and interactions.

With golf courses, tennis courts and outdoor swimming facilities among those to reopen to the public on March 29th, our Chair wasted no time in booking a swim at Beckenham Place Park, under the guidance of the team at PTP Coaching, who have transformed the lake to produce a wonderful outdoor facility – one of thousands of outdoor swimming spots available across the country.

“It feels wonderful to be back in the water,” Kendall said after his swim. “It’s great for the nation that we can get back to swimming, even while we have to wait a further few weeks for indoor pools to open. We know what a difference swimming makes both physically and mentally for people, so we are delighted that a full reopening is almost upon us. Looking at the happy faces around here today, it feels like change is coming.

“For the Swimathon Foundation, hopefully the facilities we have worked hard to support can now reopen in the coming weeks, and people can return in their numbers to help them out. We will continue to do everything we can to help, and I for one will be booking my next session as soon as I get home!”